Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God

Date of construction: In 1839 two-storeyed house of doctor Sikler was rebuilt for the church. Reconstructed in 1897-1900.

Date of consecration: 20 August 1900 by Archbishop Agafangel (Preobrazhensky) of Riga and Mitava

Relics: Shrine with the relics of St Priest and Martyr Sergy (Florinsky)

The independent parish in Rakvere was opened by the decree of the Most Holy Synod in 1839. For the building of an Orthodox church the government bought a house. Apartments for the clergy were arranged on the ground floor and the church in the name of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin Theotokos was consecrated on the first floor. Reconstruction of the church under the design of provincial engineer Heraskov was started in 1889. The work on the reconstruction was carried out by contractor Gordejev. The design was executed so successfully that in 1900 the beautiful church, in Russian-Byzantium style, appeared in the town. The white brick building has a green dome-shaped roof based on a powerful drum head with figured kokoshniks. A hipped roof belltower with high pointed windows is an important and elegant feature. The Solemn ceremony of the consecration of the church took place on August 20, 1900 in the presence of Estonia Vice-Governor S. Dirin and the city authorities. The church was consecrated by Bishop Agafangel (Preobrazhensky) of Riga and Mitav.

In 1918 Archpriest Sergy Florisnsky was a regimental priest in Rakvere. He was moved to the 29 mobile hospital which was situated in the building of the city hostel. In February 1918 Estonia was occupied by the Germans. On March 22, 1918 the hospital was disbanded and Father Sergy remained in the foreign country without means of subsistence. When the Estonian Labor Commune assumed power Archpriest Sergy Florinsky was arrested and executed.

There was no long trial. At the end of the brief interrogation, the report of which contained only one page, Archpriest Sergy Florinsky declared: “I think that my only guilt is that I am a priest and this I confirm with my signnature". On December 26, 1918 the commission sentenced him to be shot. The execution took place in Palermo forest where a memorial rock to all who were executed was placed.
On July 17, 2002 the Most Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church decided to consider Archpriest Sergy as a Saint Martyr, and a year after that his holy relics were revealed. On September 13 Metropolitan Cornelius of Tallinn and all Estonia conducted a special service for the glorification of the holy relics of saint martyr Sergy which are now kept in the Rakvere church of the Nativity of the Mother of God.





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