Church of St Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Healer

Date of construction: Reconstructed from the building of former town museum in 2003

Paldisky (Russian name Baltic Port) was founded by Emperor Peter I in the early XVIIIth century as a military port for the ships of the Baltic Fleet. Together with the settlement appeared a tent-church in the name of Saint Martyr George the Winner where services were celebrated by naval priests. In 1728 a wooden church was built in the port. In 1784-1787 a new brick church in the name of Saint George the Winner was built under the design of architect Johann Mohr. At the end of the XIXth century it was rebuilt under the design of architect A. Edelson.

In 1939 the church was closed and its property was given to different churches of Estonia. Orthodox life in the city began to revive in the middle of 1990. An Orthodox parish in Paldisky was opened on the initiative of Orthodox believers in 2001. The constituent assembly took place on March 26 and in the summer 2002 the parish was registered in the public register. The first services were celebrated in the building of the Red Cross by priest Pavel Popov.

In 2002 the city authoroties finally accommodated the believers and gave them a small wooden building of a former city museum where, with the blessing of Metropolitan Cornelius of Tallinn and All Estonia, and by the efforts of the rector Alexy Kolosov and parishioners, the church was opened in the name of Saint Martyr Panteleimon. By Christmas, through the efforts of the parishioners, two rooms were rebuilt into the church, and it became possible to celebrate services.





Address: Muuli 4, 76805 Paldiski


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