Church of St Prince Alexander Nevsky

Date of construction: 1896 - 1897. Reconstructed in 1899 - 1900 (architect Krasovsky). Overhaul - 2001.

Date of consecration: 6 July 1897. Consecrated after the overhaul on 4 August 2001 by Metropolitan Cornelius of Tallinn and all Estonia

In 1836 an independent parish was opened in Haapsalu. The first wooden Orthodox church of the Holy Trinity was constructed in 1756 for the military units billeted in the city. Since 1825 the Imperial family accompanied by the court and a numerous staff had began to come to Haapsalu for summer. In this connection there was a necessity for the construction of a new church which was begun in July 1845 in the name of the Holy Trinity. The church was built with donations and money from the government.

The church was consecrated on July 21, 1852 in the presence of the spouse of Grand Duke Alexander Nikolaevich, the Heir to the Throne, and Princess Maria Aleksandrovna, who requested that the church be consecrated in honour of her heavenly patroness Saint Maria Magdalena. The church had a rich vestry and utensils due to the generous donations of Emperors Nicholas I, Alexander II and Alexander III, members of the Imperial family and private persons. The stone church was very cold iside.

Under the initiative of the parishioners in 1896 it was decided to build a small chapel in the cemetery which was consecrated in the name of Saint Alexander Nevsky on July 6, 1897. In 1899-1900 the chapel was rebuilt as a design of architect Krasovsky into a church.
In the 50s of the XXth century under the rector Vyacheslav Jakobs the church was electrified, and there was installed a furnace; thus parishioners received an opportunity for services during the winter period.

In 1962 Saint Alexander Nevsky church was closed and its property was given to Kiviõli church.

In 1964 Saint Maria Magdalena was closed, and the parish received Saint Alexander Nevsky church.

In 1994, the parish was divided into two parts — of the Moscow Patriarchate and the Constantinople Patriarchate. The church of Saint Magdalena belongs to Constantinople and Saint Alexander Nevsky to Moscow Patriarchate.

On August 4, 2001 after a general overhaul of the altar Saint Alexander Nevsky church was consecrated by Metropolitan Cornelius of Tallinn and all Estonia.





Address: Endla 24, 90504 Haapsalu

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